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Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Sat Apr 4 09:38:59 PST 1998

> Ugly kludge... so is X, Sendmail and all the most popular Unix programs
> :-)

Yeah, but... Qmail 

Just because it's UNIX doesn't mean it has to be ugly. :)

> > Actually, SDL can be compiled to use synchronous events.

> Good.  How long until you have a patch? :-)

It's already supported.  Call SDL_ThreadEvents(0); before calling

Doh!  It's loaded by SDL_Init().  I'll post a patch ASAP.

> > It seems reasonable to support this for other UNIX systems
> > that aren't as cool as Solaris and Linux. :)

> Yeah, but they'll probably have lots of other system-dependant problems
> anyway. (I still can't get over that program that had #ifdef
> AIX_BRAIN_DEATH spread right through it)

Solaris support was simple -- a simple recompile and realizing that POSIX
threaded signal semantics are slightly different from Linux signal semantics.
Solaris supports (was the originator of) pthreads and dlopen, both of which
are used by SDL.  The X11 video driver works unchanged.
The audio needs a bit of work, but the general framework doesn't need to
be changed.

See ya!
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