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Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Fri Apr 3 21:37:13 PST 1998

> 1) Write some PPC asm to replace the x86 clone.S

This is what was done for Sparc -- well, taken from LinuxThreads, anyway. :)
I'm surprised pthreads aren't supported on Sparc.  I'm guessing it has to
do with glibc and the latest kernel not compiling, rather than pthreads

> 2) Forget about the clone() call, and use fork() or something else.

An ugly kludge, but possible.  SDL threads would be disabled, naturally.

Actually, SDL can be compiled to use synchronous events.
The sound driver, however, requires threads or fork()+shmat()
It seems reasonable to support this for other UNIX systems
that aren't as cool as Solaris and Linux. :)

(Solaris support complete except for audio -- I love pthreads. :)

> 3) Help the linuxthreads/PPC people out

This is the best solution.
Anyone?  Anyone? :)

> If you are worried about performance issues, don't.  On LinuxPPC, nothing
> is optimized, that's why they release 1000Mhz PPC processors :-)


See ya!
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