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Sam Lantinga slouken at
Wed Apr 1 21:12:42 PST 1998

> I checked out the GGI web page, and it looks 'respectable'.

> The main thing being the lack of a need of root privs.

The idea is sound.  The implementation needs work.

> I think that Mesa handles the GL part quite well, and is already very
> portable.

> Leave the 3D to Mesa, and the 2D stuff to SDL.

I agree. :)  My eyes were getting too big for my plate. :)

> > 
> > Cool!  Might be a good idea to look at the various other attempts at this,
> > cos it seems very hard to get 'right'->DirectInput, InputSprockets etc...

> Might not be necessary for Linux, from looking at the Maelstrom source,
> Sam might not have to go far to find an implementation :-)

Lucky me.  *grin*

Seriously, handling all the different types of input devices is an almost
impossible project.  DirectInput has punted so far as to make a user-loadable
data format for each input type.

There seem to be only a few basic types (not counting feedback devices):


But, the number and meaning of each on an individual device is well,
non-standard. :)

See ya!
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