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Sam Lantinga slouken at
Wed Apr 1 21:05:35 PST 1998

> > 	Add DGA and GGI support for Linux

> DGA yep, GGI....hmmmm...

I'm playing with GGI now.   My god, it's frustrating.
It has potential, but it has a long way to go before it's primetime, IMHO.
There's no way of enumerating modes in 1.3, and I can't get 1.4 alpha
shared library loading to work.
There also seems to be no way to get the surface pixel format (??).

> > 	Port to MacOS

> This is gonna be a chalenge, if you thought it was hard getting clone() to
> work on PPCs, wait until you try getting the MacOS Multiprocessor lib
> working(needed for pre-emptive threads under MacOS)

Yep.  I was hoping that MacOS 8 had some sort of asynchronous event model.
Heh.  We'll see. :)

> > 	OpenGL integration so this library is useful for 3D as well. :)

> Is this a good idea?  3D and 2D are really quite different in their
> requirements.

I'm not sure.  They are quite different, but as a general multi-media
library, SDL might benefit from it... but it might be better to just
let the devloper use Mesa or D3D directly.  There's so much associated
code with OpenGL that it is almost a waste to add it.
(Though it would be great experience learning OpenGL :)

> > 	CD-ROM control

> As in audio playback?  There's plenty of code around to do this, perhaps
> you should make this a separate library?

Perhaps.  It might be nice to have it right there though. :)

> > 	Joystick/Gamepad input

> Cool!  Might be a good idea to look at the various other attempts at this,
> cos it seems very hard to get 'right'->DirectInput, InputSprockets etc...

Yeah, I'm not even going to start work on this until I have a firm idea
of how to do it cleanly.  Any ideas?
When are the force feedback joysticks going to be supported on Linux?  *grin*
I wouldn't have thought of it until I put my hand around a joystick shaped
lightsaber. :)

See ya!
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