SDL 0.6h: Cleaner, better, groovy

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Thu Apr 23 03:07:35 PDT 1998

Okay, so the cleanup resulted in changes to the API.

But they're all good!

I'm taking the time to verify all the new changes and make sure everything
is clean.  It's looking very nice. :)

Here's a list of the API changes:

        SDL_WM_FullScreen() has been replaced by the SDL_FULLSCREEN flag
        which can be passed to SDL_SetVideoMode().  This more accurately
        reflects the process of toggling fullscreen display modes.

        SDL_GetPixelFormat() has been renamed to SDL_GetDisplayFormat()

        SDL_GetDisplayFormat() gives you the video format of the real
        display as opposed to the (possibly different) one in the current
        display surface.

        SDL_SetColors() takes a new argument 'screen', which is the surface
        description for the current display, or any other surface on which
        you want to set the colormap.

        SDL_UpdateRect() and SDL_UpdateRects() take a new argument 'screen',
        which is the surface description for the current display.

        SDL_LockSurface() no longer returns a surface. SDL_LockSurface()
        and SDL_UnlockSurface() update the surface in-place if necessary.

It will be available when it's ready.

BTW, the new blitters took the code over the 64KB limit of the MetroWerks
compiler on BeOS.  Doh!  I have some hacks to reduce functionality so it
compiles, but if anyone has a copy of the compiler, legit, it would be
greatly appreciated. :)

See ya!
	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at

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