Announcing SDL 0.6f

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Wed Apr 15 22:17:27 PDT 1998

Alpha blending rocks!! :)

SDL 0.6f, fully supporting alpha blending, is available from:

API changes:

        SDL_BlitSurface() updates the source and destination rectangles
        with clipping information.  Pass these updated rectangles to
        SDL_UpdateRects(), on pain of crash. :)
        The 'clipped' member of SDL_Surface has been removed.

        SDL_BlitSurface() automatically clips source and destination
        rectangles to make sure they are inside the source and destination
        surfaces.  This is different from setting SDL_SRCCLIPPING.

        There's a new internal function SDL_BlitFast(), which is not
        public, but bypasses all rectangle and blit mapping verification.
        I figured if you want speed so badly that you keep track of all
        of that, you'll write your own custom blitter anyway.  Comments?

        New function:
                SDL_SetAlpha() -- Set's the alpha value for the surface.
                (as opposed to using the alpha channel in pixel format)

        SDL_AllocSurface() takes an additional alpha mask parameter.

        The low-level blitter has been completely rewritten to support
        alpha blending.  It's also slower, but there's support for writing
        optimized blitters and plugging them into the switch statements.

        There's a new program in the test directory:  testalpha

See ya!
	-Sam Lantinga				(slouken at

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