SDL 0.6e

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Tue Apr 14 01:30:52 PDT 1998

> I see that SDL 0.6e is up, and it seems to fix a bug I ran into the
> other day (HW surface bit not cleared). But I can't grab it from the
> page; I get a 404 Not Found. What's up with that?

Sorry, had some problems with a typo:

rm -r SDL-0.6e
tar zcvf SDL-0.6e.tar.gz SDL-0.6e


It's back up there, try now.

> On a sidenote; I'm not interested in rebuilding SDL for Win32, I
> would be perfectly happy with the pre-built DLLs you supply. I've
> had tremendous (sp?) problems with the cross-compiler on your
> develop-page when used to build *executables* for Win32. One of the
> problems is that when linking, the compiler needs the cygwin-
> library, which is not in the archive...

That's really odd.  Try building the warp example in SDL/examples/warp/
and look at the Makefile to see how the options for the different 
platforms work.  I haven't had any trouble at all, as long as I remember
to link -lmingw32 before -lSDL on the link line.

Anyway, I'll send instructions on using Borland C++ 5.0 with the SDL
DLL files.

See ya!
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