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Sun Apr 5 23:44:44 PDT 1998

Should this function free the surface passed in, if successful?
 * Converts a surface from one pixel format to another, and maps the surface
 * to the specified format so that SDL_BlitSurface() can accelerate the blit
 * or perform straight memory copies.
 * If this function fails, it returns NULL and the given surface must be
 * freed.  Otherwise the new surface can be used in place of the old one.
SDL_DEFUN(SDL_Surface *, SDL_ConvertSurface,
                                (SDL_Surface *src, SDL_PixelFormat *fmt))

Should this function use colorkeying instead of a mask?
 * Sets the icon for the display window.
 * This function must be called before the first call to SDL_SetVideoMode().
 * It takes an icon surface, and a mask in MSB format.
SDL_DEFUN(void, SDL_WM_SetIcon, (SDL_Surface *icon, Uint8 *mask))

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