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Michael Samuel michael at
Fri Apr 10 20:18:23 PDT 1998

I was wondering if you guys wanted a mailing-list archive set up?

I was thinking about writing a cgi that would read the archives that ezmlm
(the mailing list manager that I'm using), and make a browsable archive of

If anybody thinks that this would be useful, let me (or the list) know,
because it will require me to do some programming, which I would like to
avoid if nobody wants it.

Currently, the only way to access the archive is to send a message to
<sdl-get-xxx at>, where xxx is the message number (this
message will be 108), but this won't provide for browsing according to
subject line etc.

Michael Samuel,

Surf-Net City - Internet Cafe and Internet Service Providers
Phone: +61 3 9593-9977
E-Mail: <michael at>

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