SDL implementation notes for 0.6a (comments?)

Sam Lantinga slouken at
Sat Apr 4 09:42:11 PST 1998

When using fullscreen DirectX in software surface mode, the cursor
can be drawn by the driver.

Hardware surfaces must be locked to be accessed.
Color keyed surfaces must be locked to be accessed.

Blit acceleration may be possible when the surface is either in
video memory or software memory, and depends on hardware caps.

Blit acceleration is always possible when both surfaces are the
same pixel format and colorkeying is used, either in hardare or

This line performs accelerated blits (after clipping):

        if ( src->AccelBlit != NULL ) {
                (*src->AccelBlit)(src, srcrect, dst, dstrect);
        } else {
                /* Normal blit */
(this logic will be in SDL_BlitSurface())

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