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Michael Samuel michael at surfdirect.com.au
Fri Apr 3 20:15:03 PST 1998

Ok, I did some reading today, and found out why we're having trouble with
the linuxthreads stuff.

On the GNU web site, it said that the threads addition is supported on
Linux/i386 (well, it actually says GNU/Linux :-), Linux/m86k and
Linux/alpha (And GNU hurd on all architechtures).

Then there was a note saying that it is being worked on for Linux/PPC and
Linux/Sparc :-)

Ok, so if we want it to work in the short-term for LinuxPPC, we have these

1) Write some PPC asm to replace the x86 clone.S
2) Forget about the clone() call, and use fork() or something else.
3) Help the linuxthreads/PPC people out

To me, 2 seems to be a quick fix, while somebody else works on 3 :-)

If you are worried about performance issues, don't.  On LinuxPPC, nothing
is optimized, that's why they release 1000Mhz PPC processors :-)

Please, let me know if I'm mis-informed here (or just generally wrong :-)

Michael Samuel,

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