math dlls?

Garian Nobinger garian at
Thu Apr 2 07:44:53 PST 1998

i love your idea.    i plan to use it.
have you ever thought about writing a math.dll to incorperate into your
i think this would be even a little more helpful so that even apps/games
that arent using DirectX6 or writing special routines would be able to
take advantage of the newer math instructions found in the K6 3D, and in
Katmai, and the new IDT WinChips.   using a platform dependant math.dll
would allow the same software to run on any platform and take full
advantage of it, and at the same time accelerating development time.

this is just an idea i had, and perhaps you have too, but it looks as if
you are the only one heading in the right direction, which is (for the
most part), OS-independant software.

Garian Nobinger
garian at

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